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Nowadays, lots of people talk to one another on the computer. There are programs and pages on the Internet like Windows Live Messenger (which is constantly growing), ebuddy… that allow us to chat with people from different countries and cultures. Now it is easier to meet new people and get in touch with them anywhere you want. Other advantages of chatting are that it is cheaper than phoning or posting letters and it is the fastest way too.


Chatters are more outgoing than in their daily life. The reason is that they do not talk face to face to their friends. Normally, their talking points are private and they give advice about their common problems. Sometimes you do not even greet people you chat with when you see them in the street.

There are also some people that have close relationships on the Internet. This is a tricky issue because some chatters lie and say they have a body they do not. They also put pictures of different people that have excellent bodies.

However, chatting has also drawbacks. Pederasts take the opportunity to start talking with young children and harass them. Another disadvantage is that maybe society is losing the practice of writing well. They use contractions and leave words off in order to write faster and sometimes these bad habits are used in formal articles, which is a big problem.

Finally, I think that chatting is a good way to communicate with other people .But society must use it carefully and sensibly.




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